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Meet-ups are about doing what you love.

Meet-ups are one-time and recurring opportunities to gather around the things you love. Anyone can host a Meet-up and it can be centered around just about anything. Whether it’s gathering together for a meal, to serve your city, or have some fun, there’s a Meet-up for you.

If you’re not seeing something that matches your interests or availability, or if you’ve got a great idea that you want to share with others, you can host a Meet-up of your own. We’ll be happy to help you get that all set up.



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Anyone can attend a Meet-up, and because many of the Meet-ups are one-time events, the list is always changing.

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If you’re not finding a Meet-up that’s right for you or your schedule, we have good news: anyone can host a Meet-up!

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A Meet-up for Everyone

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Take the kids to the park, host a wine night, get crafty, work out together; the opportunities are endless!

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Ready to walk though a group study guide, a book of the Bible, or a video series? Invite some people to join you.

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Getting a great group of people together to serve the 253 is a beautiful idea. What’s Jesus putting on your heart?

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Have another idea? Wonderful! Tell us about it.

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We’re People Just Like You

We’re People Just Like You

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Everyone is welcome.

Seriously. Every week at Brooklake, Christians and non-Christians, seekers and skeptics, the fired-up and the burned-out all come together to learn the ins and outs of Jesus’ great invitation into a new life.