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Join A Serve Team

Brooklake is full of people who serve their church family the way Jesus has served them. Joining a team is a great way to meet people, and a meaningful way to contribute to our mission to make Jesus known to everyone, everywhere.

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Our Kids Team creates fun and safe learning environments for children to learn about Jesus and his good news.

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Our Students Team helps create relationships among our middle and high school students in Jesus-centered environments.

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Hospitality + Connections

Our Hospitality and Connections Team makes sure that everyone setting foot on our campus feels seen and loved.

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Communications + Design

Our Communication and Design Team helps us communicate information in a clear and compelling way, because we don’t ever want someone to miss a great opportunity to grow.

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Our Production Team brings our gatherings to you, so that you never have to miss a message or a time of worship with your church family.

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Our Worship Team helps us move the good news of Jesus from our heads to our hearts as we sing together on Sundays.

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Our Outreach Team creates opportunities for our church family to tangibly serve the 253 in ways that make a real difference.

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Next Steps

Our Next Steps Team helps everything from baptisms, to communion, to classes run smoothly.

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We’re People Just Like You

We’re People Just Like You

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Everyone is welcome.

Seriously. Every week at Brooklake, Christians and non-Christians, seekers and skeptics, the fired-up and the burned-out all come together to learn the ins and outs of Jesus’ great invitation into a new life.